Introducing the
8th Generation,
Injection Molding

The most competitively priced
all-electric on the market.

Increase Your Productivity With Niigata All-Electric Injection Molding Machines

Achieve greater productivity with fewer machines. Niigata all-electric injection molding machines dramatically increase your output compared to even the most efficient servo hydraulic machines. All electrics are amazingly fast and quiet. Your cycle times shrink 10%, 20%, 30% and more.

You have less scrap. Niigata’s are ready for full production after the first cycle, so there is less regrind, and you aren’t losing cycles, and time, getting into full production.

The incredible precision of Niigata’s digital electric injection molding machines ensures perfect parts cycle after cycle. Niigata’s repeatability helps you reduce waste and manufacture more in a fraction of the time.

Niigata makes only all-electric injection molding machines, and this is the 8th generation of all-electric machines, available in multiple sizes from 55-500 tons.

  • Available sizes: 55 tons to 500 tons
  • Easy-to-learn controller
  • Low Pressure Molding - Standard
  • Scientific Molding - Standard
  • Remote Monitoring - Standard

Precision Molding.
Faster Molding.

There’s a lot to like about Niigata’s All-Electric
Injection Molding Machines.

Improved quality. Repeatability. Speed.

The Advantages of
Simultaneous Motion

Reduce cycle time. Increase cycles per day.
Output more with fewer machines.

Watch this side by side comparison of a
hydraulic and a Niigata All-Electric

The simultaneous motions on the Niigata
reduces cycle time to only 5.69 seconds

Patented, All-Digital
Injection System

Signals are sent directly to the
servo motors for significantly
quicker response time and
reduced cycle time.

If you can use a smartphone
you can run a Niigata

Even less experienced operators
can quickly start molding using the
“Simple Setup” screen.

Low Pressure Molding is
Standard (CFP)

Niigata’s Constant Pressure Fill (CFP)
creates less sheer during fill for
improved surface finish, better venting,
faster cooling and shorter cycle times.


It’s built in. Niigata all-electrics have a load cell right on the screw that works with the controller. No need for additional equipment.


Linear guides, greatly reduce drag of injection and back pressure, for precise alignment, even pressure and faster clamp speed.

Expansive Tie
Bar Spacing

Increased mold area and more flexibility for new projects. Almost frictionless movement saves energy.

Monitor From

Built in monitoring capabilities allow you to record every parameter of your cycle, and monitor from anywhere.

Give your technicians a 5-year vacation

Niigata has the longest warranty in the industry: 5 years. That is how much we believe in the engineering and reliability of Niigata all-electric injection molding machines.