Servo hydraulics
put you in the red
with every cycle

All-electric injection molding
machines reduce cycle times
by seconds

Calculate Your Savings

Using your real world numbers, you can use the calculator to see how the speed, precision, reduced cycle times and reduced waste dramatically reduce your ROI.

1)Machine Power Consumption

* As a rule of thumb a standard hydraulic machine will use 80% more than an All Electric / Servo hydraulic will use 20% more.

Annual Cost for Power - Hydraulic -
Annual Cost for Power - All-Electric -
Annual Savings -

2)Material Savings

*Scrap is any material or parts that cannot be used, including discarded parts from the start of the day. Molding with an all-electric molding machine you will see a reduction in scrap due to its accuracy, precision and repeatability.

Cycles per hour -
Material use per hour (lbs) -
Material use per year (weight) -
Material use per year (cost) -
Annual Material Savings * -

* Based on scrap savings percentage entered above.

3)Productivity Gains

Increased Production Rate (All-Electric) -
Annual Savings -

4)Your Total Savings

Machine Power Savings -
Material Savings -
Productivity Savings -
Annual Savings -


Price Difference -
Payback Time (Months) -