All-Electric Injection Molding at Niigata USA

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Tell us what you want to accomplish, and what you need your injection molding equipment to do for you.

There is no one-size-fits-all. Your molding operation has its own goals and challenges. At Niigata, we work with you to find the molding solution that will meet your specific goals.

Niigata only sells all-electric injection molding machines. It is all we have sold for decades. Niigata‚Äôs all-electric injection molding machines are the most competitively priced all-electric molding machines on the market.

All-electrics are the future of molding with their precision, repeatability and significantly shorter cycle times. And Niigata sets itself apart with our patented all-digital injection system which reduces cycle times ever further.

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Our sales, technical and service people have been in the plastics industry for decades and have the expertise to work with you to develop the molding solution you need to be successful.

In 2019, after almost forty years in the US, we made the decision to work more directly with customers, eliminating the sales and distribution of our machines by third parties. Since we make the machines, we know their capabilities better than anyone, and can help you select the best molding equipment for your company.

Our Sales, Service and Parts Departments stand ready to meet and exceed your expectations. We are moving forward and building together with our customers.