All-Electric injection molding machines

It’s time to make a lot more.

Make More In Less Time with Niigata All-Electric Injection Molding Machines

Precision. Repeatability. Reduced Cycle Times.

The world is moving to all-electric. All-electric injection molding machines have proven to be faster, producing less waste with shorter cycle times.

Niigata has been at the forefront, manufacturing the first all-electric injection molding machines in 1984. And after decades of innovation, our molding machines, using a patented all-digital injection system, are faster, reduce cycle times and have shorter payback than hydraulic and servo-hydraulic injection molding technology.

Low pressure molding, the latest molding technology to help improve part quality, reduce waste and shorten cycle times, is a standard feature on every Niigata.

Let us help you find the best injection molding system. There are a wide range of sizes for both horizontal and vertical all-electric molding machines.

Why Choose All-Electric?

Quite simply, you can make more product, in less time. Customers have found they can significantly increase production capacity with fewer machines on the floor.

Calculate Your Savings

Let’s do the math. Use your own data and calculate how an all-electric injection molding machine compares to your hydraulic or servo-hydraulic machine.