Quicker response times.
Reduced cycle times.

Patented, all-digital
injection system.

All-digital pressure feedback control system makes adjustments in real time

Unlike other all-electric injection molding machines, Niigata’s patented all-digital injection system sends signals directly to the servo motors.

Other injection molding machines send signals first to the controller, then on to the motors, slowing response time and delaying critical adjustments to injection pressure. Their non-optical network has the potential of having signals susceptible to noise and interference.

Niigata All-Digital Injection System

sends signals directly from the pressure
sensor to the servo’s

All Digital Systems Flow Chart

Other Injection Systems

send signals to the controller first, then to the servo’s, resulting in slower response times

Other Systems Flow Chart

Niigata sends signals direct to servo motors
Using a high resolution, 22-bit encoder and servo scan times as fast at 55µs, signals from Niigata’s optical communication network bypass the controller and go straight to the servo motors. Incredibly fast, the optical network resists noise and interference. Signals are uninterrupted as they are sent to the servos motors.

The result is an extremely responsive and accurate machine, sensing and adjusting injection pressure in real time.