Give your technicians a 5-year vacation

Niigata has the longest warranty in the industry: 5 years. That is how much we believe in the engineering and reliability of Niigata all-electric injection molding machines.

MD - Series: 5-Year Warranty

Niigata Machine Techno USA Inc. warrants new MD-Series machines to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Effective Date
This warranty becomes effective on the date of the machine “Start-up” and applies to the original owner only.

Base Warranty – Five Years/60 Months*
Covers all parts made by Niigata Japan that come standard on the machine. Including but not limited to toggle mechanism, toggle pins, castings, platens, tiebars, tie bar nuts, injection unit, ballscrews, servomotors, amplifiers, power supplies, LCD, circuit boards, electrical cables, indication lamp, sealing parts, leveling pads, molded rubber products and cushion for safety door, accessory tools.

Labor – Two Years/24 Months***
Covers Niigata Machine Techno USA labor for repairs as described above for the first 24 months of the warranty period.

Travel – One Year/12 Months***
Covers Niigata Machine Techno USA travel costs for repairs as described above for the first 12 months of the warranty period.

Limited Warranty – One Year/12 Months**
Covers wear items including screw, barrel, screw tip, end cap, heater bands, thermocouples, door switches, cooling hoses, lamps, grease pump, batteries.

Shipping – Standard, Next Day
Parts needed for repairs covered in this warranty will be shipped to customers Standard Next Day. Any deviation will be at the customer’s expense.

Customers must meet the following conditions for this warranty to apply:

  • No changes are made to extend, revise or enlarge this warranty.
  • Customers provide proof of the machine’s purchase, ownership and installation when requesting warranty service.
  • Warranty repair labor is done solely by Niigata Machine Techno USA.
  • Customer’s account with Niigata Machine Techno USA is current and in good standing order.

Warranty Exclusions
This warranty does not cover:

  • Nozzle, nozzle heater bands, nozzle thermocouples, front door safety switches.
  • Optional equipment such as core pull units, hot runner systems and other third-party accessories.
  • Problems that Niigata Machine Techno USA determines are due to customer damage, lack of maintenance, misuse or abuse, normal wear, use of glass or abrasive materials; overuse of door. **
  • Damage due to power surges or acts of God (lightning, floods, tornadoes, etc.)
  • Customer downtime or loss of profits due to warranty issues.

* Warranty does not cover issues that Niigata Machine Techno USA determines are due to misuse, abuse or lack of maintenance.

** The intent of this warranty is to protect against premature failure of Niigata Machine Techno MD-Series machines. It does not cover normal wear of the barrel, screw, screw tip or end cap door switches.

*** Warranty does not cover labor and travel costs for repair issues that Niigata Machine Techno USA determines to fall outside of the warranty. Niigata Machine Techno USA reserves the right to make changes to this warranty at any time without prior notice. For additional information, please contact Niigata Machine Techno USA.