Reduce your screen time.

Niigata’s controller is easy to
learn, quick to program.

If you can use a smartphone you can run a Niigata

Easy to understand, Easy to use.

Walk up to a Niigata and the new 15-inch smart screen greets you with an intuitive, easy-to-understand touch-and-run screen. The large screen allows you to view multiple views so you can easily drill down to use more detailed programming.

The Niigata controller is one of the easiest to navigate for experienced and first-time users. Features like the Hyper Navi set-up walks you through a first time set up, just asking for a few basic numbers, and guides you quickly, step-by-step, so you are molding in minutes.

The advanced windows allow an experienced processor to use features that can fine tune even the most complicated process. Even tonnage can be adjusted on the fly.

Built in monitoring capabilities allow you to record every parameter of your cycle. Remote monitoring can be done anywhere, even on your mobile phone.

A complete operating manual is built-in to help you set up and troubleshoot. Niigata customer service is ready to help you any issues.

The bright 15-inch smart screen greets you with an intuitive, easy-to-understand touch-and-run screen

Process monitor shows all process parameters

Mold Prep Screen reduces new mold set times with auto height, clamp force and safety adjustments

Daily Check Screen prompts operator to make a few basic checks when powering up machine

Advanced Setup Screen lets you and experienced molders to finely tune the molding process

Molding data for up to 384 jobs can be saved and recalled for use when needed

One screen gives all temperature setups along with actual reading

Clamp setup page allows you to see all information for the clamp on a single screen.

Production Monitor can have split screen showing everything that is happening, live.