Low Pressure

Niigata’s Constant
Pressure Fill (CFP)
process is standard.

Low Pressure Molding From Niigata

Improved part quality, reduced cycle times and greater design flexibility with low pressure molding

Once you try low pressure molding you may never go back to your old molding process.

  • Reduced Cycle Times
  • Less Sink
  • Improved Surface Finish
  • Lighter Parts

Niigata’s Constant Pressure FIll (CFP) low pressure molding process uses constant, low pressure to pack as you fill parts with perfect surface finish in the shortest possible time.

Niigata was founded in 1895

Reaching a pressure set point significantly lower than you currently use, constant pressure is maintained throughout the cycle until the cooling stage is reached.

Screw speed is constantly adjusted as the sensors signal the slightest changes in resistance, temperature and viscosity. Adding regrind or other materials signals automatic adjustments as the viscosity and flow rate of the material changes.

Constant Pressure Fill even automatically adjusts for unbalanced molds, sensing the change in resistance and adjusting screw speed while maintaining constant pressure.